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Date de sortie :
Durée : 97 Minutes

Par: Haut et Court, Versus Production
Réalisateur: Olivier Masset-Depasse, Damien Keyeux, Olivier Bronckart, Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Hichame Alouie, Olivier Masset-Depasse, Giordano Gederlini, Barbara Abelar

Genres : Thriller, Drame

Acteurs : Veerle Baetens, Anne Coesens, Mehdi Nebbou, Arieh Worthalter, Jules Lefebvre, Luan Adam

Note :

Qualité standard ( 720P )

Face à face angoissant entre deux femmes, Alice et Céline, qui étaient les meilleures amies du monde jusqu’à ce qu’un évènement tragique vienne bouleverser leur quotidien.

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Duelles (2019) : streaming VF gratuit Film complet

Voir Duelles (2019) : streaming VF gratuit Film complet Face à face angoissant entre deux femmes, Alice et Céline, qui étaient les meilleures amies du monde jusqu’à ce qu’un évènement tragique vienne bouleverser leur quotidien.

Director Olivier Masset-Depasse lets us know exactly what to expect out of Duelles (Mothers’ Instinct) from the start, introducing an idyllic bourgeois home with all the sensory cues to foreshadow melodramatic suspense. Alice Brunelle (Veerle Baetens) peers out her window as neighbor Céline Geniot (Anne Coesens) leaves, rushes out once the car pulls away. She enters the woman’s adjoining home with a set of keys to clandestinely move through and close the curtains. We assume the worst: an affair. The music manipulates this suspenseful thought, the camera in-close to lend an anxiously frenetic tone to her movements. And then Céline returns, sensing something amiss. We brace for the reveal as Masset-Depasse provides it with a sly smile, simultaneously proving we got worked up for nothing and that we weren’t wrong to do so.

co-writers Giordano Gederlini and François

He and co-writers Giordano Gederlini and François Verjans wield these tools of sight and sound throughout the film, constantly presenting scenarios for which to increase our paranoia along with the characters onscreen. In truth Alice and Céline are practically sisters, their respective husbands (Mehdi Nebbou’s Simon and Arieh Worthalter’s Damien) and sons (Jules Lefebvres’ Theo and Luan Adam’s Maxime) sharing that same closeness together. The assumption is that they raised their kids in tandem, their doors and backyards forever open for free movement and familial connection. They trust one another implicitly as shoulders to lean on and empathetic souls to understand the heightened emotions upper middle class Belgium of the 1960s supplies. Inevitable tragedy, however, exposes the cracks human nature lets form regardless.

A death occurs—an accident wherein blame is manifested

A death occurs—an accident wherein blame is manifested by proximity rather than intent. Maxime was hanging precariously out his second-story window, Céline nowhere in sight and Alice too far to do anything but yell and run around the front to get into the Geniots’ home. Why did Céline leave him alone in that room? Could Alice have done more? These are questions we ask as outsiders viewing with a mind to figure out what might come next and questions the characters should ask out of sheer guilt. The closeness demonstrated throughout the film to this point works to have us wondering if they’d ask at all knowing neither would ever intentionally neglect their children. But they do anyway and not out of guilt despite what they say aloud. They do so out of rage and fear.

Set in an idyllic Brussels neighborhood in the early 60s, the film presents the intertwined lives of best friends Celine (Anne Coesens) and Alice (Veerle Baetens). Not only do they live side by side, but their husbands are friends and so are their children, Maxime (Luan Adam) and Theo (Jules Lefebvre). However, once tragedy strikes the families, their seemingly unbreakable bonds are fractured forever. Directed and co-written by Olivier Masset-Depasse.

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